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The above photos are from the 2014.09.20 inaugural Climate and Communities walk.

We welcomed new families and new co-leaders on our 7th walk! In honor of the upcoming People’s Climate March, this week’s theme was “Climate and Communities.” First, we talked about easy ways to protect your skin from sun damage. Then we talked about what causes climate change and how we can change our habits locally to prevent problems globally. For example, using our reusable Cada Paso tote bags and water bottles can reduce a large percentage of waste, reduce the number of garbage trucks traveling through East Harlem, and reduce the amount of waste we have to ship to other parts of the country.

We stopped for our fruit break along the CVII pier on the East River, where we had a view of the 91st Street Marine Transfer Station next to Asphalt green. We revisited the idea of reducing waste because it reduces truck traffic for everyone, and we also talked about the benefit of the transfer station to East Harlem because it stops the garbage trucks traveling through East Harlem on the way to the Bronx. At the same time, the transfer station is a concern to the residents of Yorkville because of the concerns that it will increase truck traffic and pollution in their neighborhood. So it’s not a simple issue. But it’s important to be informed about what it means to the communities involved.

If you’d like to tell your elected official about your opinion, you can call their offices:
Melissa Mark Viverito represents East Harlem: 212-828-9800;
Ben Kallos represents Yorkville: 212-860-1950;

We were especially pleased to visit Concrete Safaris’ Jefferson Houses Garden to join the celebration of their 5th anniversary! Mac Levine told us all about the transformation of the space into gardens where kids and adults can learn and stay active and stay healthy. And we got to work, digging, planting and watering!

We’re also excited about joining Concrete Safaris’ Jungle Gym Race on Randalls Island, September 28 from 9am to 4pm. Sign up your kids or your whole family!



September 20, 104

Adults: 22
Children: 28
Total: 50

Miles: 1.85
Calories: about 300*
Time: about 2.5 hours

Co-leaders: Jorge Ayora, Cappy Collins, Kimberly Fischer, Jessica Montana, Louiza Nuñez, Bunny Sheffield, Perry Sheffield, Andrew Suseno


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