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May 3rd, 2014: our very first Cada Paso walk of our pilot series, and it was a great success! We gathered in Poor Richard’s Playground and registered all our families before a discussion on the number one health concern that we identified from our needs assessment survey: asthma and allergies. We had a group discussion about what asthma and seasonal allergies are, how they are triggered, and the symptoms of these conditions. We talked about ways to manage symptoms by creating healthier environments, but also how to use medication appropriately when necessary.

Then we walked! We visited the East Harlem Asthma Center of Excellence where families can sign up for free case management services, and Little Sisters of the Assumption where Carlos was kind enough to discuss the home environmental assessment service available to our families.

Along the way we passed out apples and bananas to encourage health eating, and talked about the “complete street” design of 1st Avenue, which makes the streets safer for buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians.

We’re looking forward to the next three walks in this pilot series!



Date: May 3, 2014
Adults: 22
Children: N/A
Total: N/A

Miles: 1.87
Calories: about 300*
Time: about 2.5 hours

Co-leaders: Tanya Carvajal, Cappy Collins, Daisy Cortez, Erika Figueroa, Maida Galvez, Ali Mencin, Bertha Oviedo, Maria A. Robles

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