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September 19, 2015: Dental Health

Another beautiful day and record-breaking attendance!

Dental health for all ages is important and we were pleased to share information and visit resources in the neighborhood to help our families keep their teeth healthy.

We rewarded the children who brought their reusable water bottles with stickers and got started with our lesson. We learned the best ways to avoid cavities: brush, floss, avoid too much sugary foods, see the dentist and quit smoking. Thanks to Lara, we enjoyed a demonstration with “Mr. Chompers” (see the photos).

Thanks to volunteer crossing guard for the day, Minerva, we had a safe journey with our great group. We headed north of 3rd Avenue to visit Boriken Neighborhood Health Center to let families know they can visit for dental health appointments for all ages.

Today’s community garden visit was one of our favorites from last year: Jackie Robinson. A great place to rest, enjoy our apples and bananas, and distribute toothbrushes and floss.

Some of our families split off to attend a school supplies give-away event while the rest of us headed over to the Institute for Family Health (IFH) where we met our friend Guedy and new friend TrueAsia. TrueAsia gave us a tour of the dental clinic and some of our families registered on the spot.

Our last stop of the day (for some) was Marcus Garvey Park where we handed out the information about dental health and invited families to a bonus destination for the day: the Harlem Healthy Soul Festival. There were lots of activities and health information booths and we found our IFH friends as well.

Another great walk!



Date: September 19, 2015
Adults: 43
Children: 73
Total: 116

Miles: 1.64
Calories: 280*
Time: about 2 hours

Co-leaders: Cappy Collins, Lara Crystal-Ornelas, Inginia Garcia, Emma Murphy


“Walking, under 2.0 mph, very slow,” 155lbs = 140 kcal/hr

Pediatric Communitologist

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