2017 Play #2

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July 29, 2017: Play #2

Sixth walk of our 4th season!

Due to a slight morning drizzle, families were slow to trickle into the park for the walk. But as the grey clouds turned out to be less threatening than they appeared, parents with their children began arriving at Poor Richard’s Playground. It was unfortunate that our usual leaders, Cappy, Emma, and Alicia were not able to make it to the walk. However, they had left detailed instructions for us to follow. Around 10:30 am, we figured everyone who wanted to join today’s walk had arrived. Since the plan was to walk to the JungleGym event, organized by Concrete Safari, on 3rd Avenue and 116th street and the activities would start at 11am, we went straight to the pre-walk exercises to get our hearts pumping! Aurora (Daniela, Alexis, Omar, and Lisbeth’s mom) promptly led everyone in a series of exercises she had prepared. As always, the pre-walk exercises refocused everyone’s energy on the walk!

Off we went to walk to the JungleGym, making a quick stop at the Johnson Community Center for a banana and apple snack. When we arrived at the JungleGym, we saw all the exciting activities they had set up, including an obstacle course and an inflated, bouncy house. It took some time to get everyone properly registered for the event but once we got over that hurdle, off we went to explore what Concrete Safari had planned for us!

Date: July 29th, 2017
Adults: 47
Children: 64
Total: 111

Miles: 1.8
Time: 1 hour 41 minutes
Calories: 252**

Co-leaders: Ron Bangiyev, Jiamei Huang, Judy Lee, Rosa Uribe

Walking 2.0 mph, slow; 130lbs = 150 kcal/hour

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