2017 Garden to Garden

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April 29, 2017: Garden to Garden

First walk of our 4th season!

Our fourth season kicked off with a scenic tour of the neighborhood from our home base at
Poor Richard’s Playground to the French Garden section of the Central Park Conservatory to Chenchita’s Garden, our favorite community garden in East Harlem.

We were joined by Cinthia de la Rosa from the East Harlem Neighborhood Health Action Center and a photographer to document our activities for the Neighborhood Activation Grant.

Highlights included the spring blooms across the neighborhood, Canada geese by the Harlem Meer, finding a baby red-eared slider and escorting it back to the water, and our big cook-out at Chenchita’s.

We reviewed the calendar for the year—lots of favorite walks plus new content and new opportunities to make East Harlem healther.

Another great walk!

Date: April 29th, 2017
Adults: 26
Children: 41
Total: 67

Miles: 1.28
Time: about 4 hours
Calories: 600 kcal**

Co-leaders: Cappy Collins, Jiamei Huang, Alicia López

2017 04 29 Panorama 01

2017.04.29 Cada Paso’s First Walk of the Season—French Conservatory Garden

2017.04.29 Cada Paso’s First Walk of the Season—Poor Richard’s Playground

Walking 2.0 mph, slow; 130lbs = 150 kcal/hour

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