2017 Disaster Preparedness

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August 19, 2017: Disaster Preparedness

Eighth walk of our 5th season!

We started today’s walk at our home ground – Poor Richard’s Playground! It was going to get hot, but considering that we were headed to Pleasant Village Community Garden for a grill out, all of us were excited. We waited a bit for our families to come, and then Cappy gave us a short lesson of the day on the eighth walk of the season: Disaster Preparedness. We are all vulnerable to disasters because they come without any expectations. Although many natural disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires, and earthquakes can be predicted with the current technology, other disasters such as gas explosions cannot be detected. Prevention to disasters can be a way to prevent them, but even with precautions taken, disasters happen. In such cases, it is important to know what to do. Today would be a time for us to think about scenarios and create a plan with Carol Johnson, who runs the community training program.

After the lesson, we walked to Thomas Jefferson Park, where we stopped for apples and bananas. We collected compost and strolled into the Pleasant Village Community Garden. Carol was already waiting for us with flyers and booklets in yellow bags. She taught us about all the items that are helpful to have just in case a disaster occurs. A copy of identification, a photo of the family, change of clothes, cash, unperishable food, and a copy of the home rent/ownership are some of the things that every family member should have. And these items should be in a Go-bag, that anyone could grab on their way out of the building. Carol also advised parents and guardians to think about and talk to people who would need to take care of their kids, in case the disasters made it difficult for direct communication.

During the talk, we could all smell the tortillas and the beef that was being cooked in the back. It made our mouths water, so as soon as Carol was done, we thanked her for her time and the important information, and then lined up for the food! There were beans and rice, and hot salsa to go with it, as well as the tortillas and beef. MMMMMM~~~ so good! Thank you to everyone who came today!

Date: August 19th, 2017

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