2017 Child Development

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June 3, 2017: Child Development

Third walk of our 4th season!
Perfect weather and a great group of folks made for a fantastic new walk in our repertoire.

Child development encompasses the physical, cognitive and emotional development of children. A lot of what families do in their everyday lives, and what we do in Cada Paso, helps with child development already. Talking and reading with children, playing games (indoor and outdoor), providing a loving and safe environment all promote healthy child development.

All children can benefit from additional opportunities to learn and play, and some children need additional help. A great resource is the Association to Benefit Children (ABC)! They offer early childhood education, mental health services, services for children with special needs, after school programming, family programming and more!

We first walked up 2nd Avenue to visit the Carver Community Garden, where ABC maintains garden plots. We watered plants and composted our food waste on the spot. Thanks to garden members Bianca, Ebony and Doug for their assistance!

Next, we headed right to ABC. A great welcome from the entire staff! We registered families to receive services at their leisure, and kids joined drop-in classes. We all had lunch, played and explored the great facilities, including the rooftop play deck! Some of our families even acquired ABC ID cards on the spot, as a safe way to show proof of identity.

We’re exceptionally pleased to link our families with ABC and look forward to further collaboration.

Another great walk!

Date: June 3rd, 2017
Adults: 19
Children: 26
Total: 45

Miles: 1.53
Time: about 3 hours
Calories: 450 kcal**

Co-leaders: Georgia Bancheri, Cappy Collins, Sarah Downs, Rose Dubitsky, Alicia López, Rosa Uribe

Carver Community Garden

Walking 2.0 mph, slow; 130lbs = 150 kcal/hour

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