2015 Kick-Off Party

The above photos are from the 2015.05.02 Kick-Off Party

After a long winter, we’re eager to get back outside!

To thank all our Cada Paso families for joining us last year, and to get ready for our second season, we threw a party. It was a beautiful day to gather at Little Sisters of the Assumption, spend time on the back deck playground and enjoy home-made food. Just as we did last year, we surveyed families to ask what topics they’re most interested in. We hope we’ll be able to provide even more walks this year, with plenty of useful information for family health and plenty of access to all the resources East Harlem has to offer.

We have a great team assembled already: today we were assisted by Cappy Collins, Inginia Garcia, Aimee Mankodi, Sr. Deysi Martinez, Emma Murphy and Tessa Scripps. And extra special thanks to our chefs: Asucena Ramirez and Rufina Contreras!

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